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Great chefs approach food almost scientifically. Blending the flavor profiles of ingredients in a pallet-pleasing manner, or as an art with dish presentation and ambiance. When this happens, their passion for food and hospitality can be tasted in every bite.

Professionals, no matter the craft, strive to perform their best. They take pride in their work, focusing energy into their passion and perfecting it. These experts are invaluable, often being more efficient and achieving a superior result while allowing all of us to focus on what we do best.

So Why Should You Get Your Knives Professionally Sharpened?

Supporting the service industry is our passion & sharpening knives is what we've perfected.

It’s More Efficient.

For the foodservice industry, cutlery is an investment crucial for uninterrupted production and product quality. Dull knives or self-sharpening can cost chefs time and distract from their craftsmanship.

It’s Safer.

Safety is a huge reason to have your knives professionally taken care of. A chef can count on a sharp knife not to slip. They’re much easier to control when slicing or chopping. Dull knives cause slip-ups, often involving your fingers.

It Protects Product Quality. 

When herbs, fruits, & vegetables are cut with a dull knife, the knife crushes the cells around the cut, speeding up oxidation. This leads to discoloration, wilting, & thus a shorter shelf-life. Sharp knives use less brute force and make cleaner cuts, meaning less damage happens to the food.

It’s a Simple Transaction.

At Bertarelli Co., our professional knife specialists will come to your kitchen, exchange your dull knives for precisely sharpened blades, and have them back to you on a predetermined schedule.

Here’s where it really matters;

The technical aspect of the sharpening process is one that only the craftsmen at Bertarelli Co. have the expertise.
At Bertarelli, we use the traditional Moleta style sharpening for most blades. This uses a 4ft diameter motor-driven whet wheel. However, the “Hand Sharpening Service” skips this step, and your special knife will be done on a traditional Japanese Whet Stone by hand.
The bevel is evaluated (angle) of the edge, then recreated perfectly. This step varies depending on the brand of the knife. Cutlers make sure that the precise amount of metal is removed during the process, vital for the knife’s longevity and its silhouette.
Whetstones are a popular tool used for sharpening cutlery. While you can purchase your own, not knowing how to use this properly could result in ruined knives. In professional settings, whetstones were popular but have faded in recent years because of the skill level required, considerable time commitment, & cost. Instead, top chefs, local businesses, and national brands alike have hired services like ours that specialize in the craft so that they can focus on theirs.
Connect with us today to learn more about how our St. Louis knife sharpening service could benefit your kitchen, products, and people allowing them to be masters of their craft.

“Favazza's Restaurant on the Hill, here in St. Louis, has used Bertarelli Cutlery to sharpen their knives for as long as they can remember. While sitting down with Mark Favazza himself, he claimed that the relationship is more family than business & that the service is the best you'll find in the metropolitan area.”