Service so sharp-

our blades are jealous.

One time or ongoing cutlery service.

We specialize in commercial knife sharpening services and offer walk-in sharpening for single blades at our retail store at 1927 Marconi. Our professional knife specialists will come to your kitchen and exchange your dull knives for precisely sharpened blades on a predetermined schedule.

No contracts, complete customization.

Define how often you’d like us to visit, and choose from over 35 different blade styles and colors to ensure your team is a cut above the competition.

Commercial Services, Repair & Sales
  • Kitchen Knives: $5-8
  • Pocket/Hunting knives: $6-10
  • Serrated Knife: $5-7
  • Premium Hand Sharpening: $25 Next day available.
  • Machete: $15-20
  • Multi Blade Pocket Knife: $4 per blade
  • Sword: $20-40
  • Scissors: $6-8
  • Pinking Shear: $6-10
  • Kitchen Shear: $6-8
  • Axe: $10-15
  • Hatchet: $8-15
  • Chisel: $8-10
  • Grinder Blade: $7.50-30 *
  • Grinder Plate: $7.50-30 *
  • Straight Razor: $30-40
  • Food Processor Blade Home Models: $8
Lawn Equipment
  • Lawn Mower Blades: $15-25
  • Reel Mower: $35-50 **
  • Hedge Clipper: $7-10
  • Gas Hedge Trimmer: $28
  • Electric Hedge Trimmer: $20
  • Chain Saw Chain: $10  (Off Machine)
  • Lopper: $7-10

* Depends on Size & Condition
** Non Gas-Powered Reel Mowers

Knife 360

Ship. Sharpen. Return. Restore almost any blade without leaving your home. In three easy steps you can have a razor sharp blade back within days. Follow the simple steps below & begin working easier & safer. Guaranteed satisfaction or your money back.

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Pack your dull items for shipping, wrap edges in a towel or newspaper then pack tight so they don't come loose and poke through the box.


Your cutlery will be sharpened within 12 hours of us receiving it. We'll send you an email for payment, and once received we'll send back your razor sharp blade!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an appointment?

No appointment needed. Just come in to 1927 Marconi 7:30-4:00 M-F or 9:00-1:00 on Saturday.

How long will you keep my knives?

If knives are brought in before 2:00 M-F, we can get 90% of orders done in 1 hour. We strive to complete your order and get you on your way in 30 minutes or less. After 2:00 on weekdays or 11:30 on Saturdays, next day pick up 

My knives aren't that good are they worth sharpening?

We charge $5-$8 a blade, so if the knife is worth more than that then get it sharpened for sure. We won’t make fun of you for having an inexpensive knife!

I have a valuable handmade knife. Why should I trust Bertarelli Cutlery?

If you have a special blade, whether expensive or sentimental in value, please let us know that you would like our premium “Hand Sharpening Service” done. We use the traditional Moleta style sharpening for most blades, which uses a 4ft diameter motor driven whet wheel. The “Hand Sharpening Service” skips this step and your special knife is done on traditional Japanese Whet Stones by hand.

Do you accept serrated blades?

Yes we can. If the teeth are completely worn off we can put a whole new set of teeth on the knife as well.

Bertarelli Co

Since 1967 the Bertarelli Family has taken great pride in offering the St. Louis region honest consultation & great service.

Monday - Friday: 7:30 AM - 4:00 PM
Saturday: 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM

  • P: 314-664-4005
  • F: 314-664-4713
  • E:
  • A: 1927 Marconi Ave, St. Louis MO 63110