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It’s yard work season! People everywhere are breaking out their green thumbs and lacing up their dad sneakers to mow the lawn.
You won’t be able to do that without tools that are in great condition. Your tools can be the gifts that just keep giving. But only if you treat them right.
And let’s be honest, the real reason you need your blades to be sharp is so your neighbors can look over into your yard and think, “they have it together over there.”

Dull, worn tools are unsafe for you, & bad for your lawn.

In all seriousness… Dull, rusty, cracked & corroded tools can not only cost you a lot of time fixing, but they can encourage the spread of weed seeds, soil-born pathogens, and make your yard look like a bad, DIY dog haircut.

Here are 5 tips to keep you safe, your tools sharp & your lawn sharper.


1. Clean Your Tools After Each Use

Don’t be bothered by this one; we promise it doesn’t take long! All you really need to do to keep your tools clean is use a hose or wipe them off after working them in the dirt. This step rids the tool of any debris, and make sure you dry them off, to prevent rust while keeping them in great shape for next time!

2. Store Your Tools in a Dry & Protected Area

You need a reliable place to store your tools because that’s the one thing that weather is not, reliable. And more importantly, rust is moisture’s best friend.
You can store your tools in a shed, garage, or anywhere that provides shelter from the possibilities of rain, fog, snow, hail, etc. A little #toolhack would be to hang your tools up on racks or hooks to keep them off the floor & from banging into each other.

3. Apply Oil to Your Metal Tools to Prevent Rust

Speaking of rust, a great way to avoid it living on your tools is by showing them a little extra love. You can use a multipurpose oil, or even motor oil, to rub into your blades and joints. This not only dissolves the rust that might already be growing but can further protect your tools from corrosion.

4. Be Cautious of Rocks & Hard Objects

Mow with your eyes peeled for what’s ahead. Hitting your blades against rocks, cement, metal, etc. can dent and scratch your blades.
It’s important to be aware of where you’re gardening to prevent your tools from coming into contact with hard objects. Clearing out any rocks in the way before planting is a great idea.

5. Get Your Tools Sharpened Regularly

At least once a year you should sharpen high-use tools, preferably at the beginning of every season for the best results. The sharper, the better. Your lawn and garden will thank you for it!

This is going to be the year you finally plant that garden… or have it come up this time. And this is YOUR year to have the best-looking yard in the neighborhood to make Bob from two doors down, jealous.

To start this season off right, get your blades sharpened with Bertarelli Cutlery so this can be your most successful yard yet!